June 23, 2022 by Rhonda Holscher

New Websites Announcement

Hello, my lovelies!

Where to begin? There has been so much going on and my websites have been an absolute mess and still are in the process of being rebuilt. I am working on getting everything together over here.

It really started a few years back when my work website, RhondasVirtualOffice.com, was attacked. I knew I'd been hacked or had viruses. Something was definitely off, but my web host kept telling me all was good. Then it started with porn sites. Everywhere I turned porn sites (in the 1000s) were attached to my website links all over the web. Talk about a total nightmare and it didn't end there. All of those sites that put up your information without your permission and never have the right information ... yes, that's right they had all the porn site information attached to my info as well. It was never ending and I had no clue where to begin. Without going into all the detail of how I fixed it. I did eventually after about 2 years get the porn sites off of my website links.

I had to switch hosts which are never really fun because things can always go wrong when you do. Thankfully at that time, the switching wasn't too bad, but then I recently had to switch again and this time many things went wrong.

I completely lost my personal website and my work website, RhondasVirtualOffice.com, and email was down for well over 2 weeks which was not optimal. This is the first time either of those things has happened to me in all of my years of working with websites and being in business. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but the timing of it all was just frustrating, to say the least.

I am in the process of rebuilding both sites simultaneously. I had intended on building my work site, RhondasVirtualOffice.com, first, but then completely lost my personal site, RhondaHolscher.com, and decided I did not want that down so I switched gears and rebuilt it instead. So, now I have my new personal site, RhondaHolscher.com, live, but not complete and my old work site is live, but still a mess and waiting for the new work site to become live.

So, I'm asking for everyone's patience while I'm rebuilding. I'm going to go live without the blogs being completed so that I can at least have the new sites up and running and the blogs will get updated as I can update them.

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